The A-Z of Ride-on Car

The A-Z of Ride-on Car

So, are you planning to buy a Ride on Car for your little one? If the answer is yes, then this guide is just for you. Ride on Cars is the most memorable and entertaining gift that you can give your child just below 10 years of age. With a battery-operated Ride on Car , they get the joy of a realistic driving experience during their playtime. It would be so good to see them just mimicking your driving style and feels like his own boss on those crazy miniature's versions.

Let’s check out some of the most interesting and amazing details you would like to know before purchasing a Ride-on Car.

What Is A Ride-on Car ?

Ride on Cars is miniature vehicles that work like real cars and are designed for kids to drive around. These toys look too realistic and come with a range of different features, and  

benefits that your child would enjoy. Ride-On Cars for kids can be used both indoors and outdoors and are built with high safety features. Ride on Car category varies on the type of cars you choose and the weight of the child. Most of the Ride-On Cars are targeted for an age group between 0-8 years.

If your child loves to ride the car and is still small for their first 6V ride, then push cars are the best options you can think about. They are well equipped with a built-in MP3 player which comes loaded with tonnes of music and stories. The working horn gives them a fun drive on that playtime traffic. These cars come loaded with batteries that range from 6V, 12 V and 24V with varying motor speed option.

Ride on Car with Remote Control is another feature that distinguishes them from other toys. The car comes with a remote control that you can use to control the child’s car. This is ideal for young ones who are not well co-ordinated enough to operate it themselves. Ride on Car electricRide-on car battery and Ride on Car Toys are different variants that you get to see often. Some of the major brands like Mercedes Benz,  Rolls Royce, McLaren , Jeep, Ford Range Monster are a few to name.

The seats of these cars are yet another highlight that gets kids attracted to them. Ride on Cars are available as Ride on Car 1 seater, Ride on Car 2-seater and  Ride-on Car 4-seater. These cars also well equipped with many features that match the live cars, such as seatbelts, working horns, SD and USB media, FM radio, Bluetooth, LED lights and many more to have an adventurous drive through the tough terrains. Features such as 4-wheel suspension, multiple speed options are some of the important things you should not miss out checking while buying one. These mini vehicles are highly durable and can withstand a total weight of 50-60 kg.

Difference between 6v, 12v and 24v Ride on Car

There are huge variety of Ride-on Cars available in the market today and,  each comes with different specification and battery types. If you are planning to buy a Ride on Car for your kid, you may be wondering whether to choose a car with a 12V or 24 V battery. The size of the battery and motor decides the speed of the car.       

Ride on Car 6 V

6V batteries are mainly designed for Ride-on Cars for an age group of 2-4 years. The cars with 6 V batteries support a speed of 2-3 mph, but the same is based on the weight of the child and the surface chosen for the ride.



Ride on Car 12 V

12 V batteries are ideal for the ride on cars crafted for an age group ranging from 3-6 years and run with a maximum speed of 4-5 mph. These cars are best for outdoor drive and mostly found in one seat Ride-on Cars.

Ride on Cars 24 v

If your kids want to drive for 2-4 hours on tough terrains like gravel, uphill, then having a 24V battery is the best choice. These batteries can be used to run the car at a speed of 6mph and are suitable for 6 plus age group.

The battery does not depend on the Ride on Car voltage and one should ensure that they charge it accordingly Ride on Car 12v vs 24v brings us to a conclusion that 24v runs much faster than 12v while your child enjoys the ride for a longer time.

What Is The Best Ride on Car?

Choosing the best Ride on Car is a very adventurous task as there are numerous options available. Each Ride-on Car comes with advanced technological up-gradation, features, comfort and benefits that any little one would adore to have.  

By the age of 3, most of the toddlers would have developed their motor skills and an ability to handle more powerful Ride-on Cars. They would be able to even identify the difference between a one-seater and a two-seater Ride-on Cars which can handle up to 5 Mph speed. With styles ranging from Ferrari’s, Mercedes Benz, Bentley to classic red cars, the options are many to choose from.

A remote-control Ride on Car Mercedes makes an excellent gifting option that gives your cute little pie endless hours of fun and entertainment. Buying a Ride-on Car Lamborghini is a cherry on top as it is one of the best brands with its stylish and cool features. A beautiful well designed working replica, the Ride on Car Range Rover is another option that one can look at as a good pick. The feel of the steering and the safety features with its advanced add on features is a great choice to go for.

The officially licensed luxury vehicles like Ride-on Car Police that has been modelled after the life-size versions are also some of the best rides on cars you can buy. These cars come with working audio systems, embedded brand emblems, 4-Wheel suspension and many more to suit your child’s dream. There are also ranges like motorcycles, ATV’s, Go-Karts, trucks and other SUVs that one could go around looking for to get that best gift for your child.

What is the best age for Ride on Car for kids?

Most of the ride cars are made with certain age and weight limit in mind. These cars are manufactured considering the appropriate enjoyment and kids’ safety. Broadly speaking, all the typical age ranges for the Ride on Cars fall between 0-10 years.  Each given model may be intended for ages 0-3 years whereas, another model may be meant for 3-7 or 4-10 years. So narrow downing your search of Ride-on Cars according to age range would be better to get the best pick.

Lamborghini Ride on Car Assembled and Ready is one of the best choices Ride on Car for a 3-year-old child. If your child loves the fun of the sport, then a Bentley Super Sport is an ideal Ride on Car for the 7-year child. The Mini Ride on Car and the plastic Ride on Cars are just perfect Ride-On Car for a one-year toddler.

Where to buy Ride-on Cars?

Bait Al Tarfeeh offers convenient shopping through an online store, Mobile App Android and iOS.  It has coverage all around UAE, with a delivery time of a maximum of 3 days. Bait Al Tarfeeh has many categories of Ride-on cars ranging from Mercedes Benz CLS350 to Ride on Police car to quote a few.  Our Ride-on Car Catalogue covers each age group model that can blow your kids off. 

We are one of the leading Ride-on Car Dealers And Suppliers In Dubai who showcases a large collection of Ride-On Cars models that you want your little one to have in their garage. There is an extensive range of high-quality children's vehicles that offer the best ride-sharing opportunities for children to enjoy every moment of their childhood.

So if you are checking out on some of the finest and stylish collection either baby Ride-on Car or BMW Ride on CarBait Al Tarfeeh would be the best choice.


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