OMG! The Best Swimming Pool Ever!

OMG! The Best Swimming Pool Ever!

OMG! The Best Swimming Pool Ever!

As the summer starts burning and temperature peaks up to its best, a kiddie pool can be a good addition to your backyard. With indoor parks and public pools being a safety concern for many parents, getting an inflatable swimming pool for kids would be a wiser option.

Kiddie pools are cost-effective, easy to set up, and can fit into any space without much difficulty. There is a wide range of Kiddie swimming pool options that one would hit in shops and online. They come with attractive striped designs and figures that keep alluring children to have one for their own.

Here in this article, we bring some useful information that could help you choose the best swimming pools.


Why do kids love the swimming pool?
Kids have a different reason as to why they enjoy a certain sport. All the reasons seem to be valid and, if we try to understand them and motivate them, they get inspired easily on to it. One such sport or activity is swimming. Swimming brings in a lot of fun and entertainment be it for us or kids.

Researches have suggested that children and young one of age 5 to 18 should involve themselves in any physical activity to maintain their basic health, and there is nothing greater than swimming. Swimming helps to build strength and endurance without putting too much stress on your body joints and bones.

All the excess energy that the children tend to store because of their eating styles get burned within this physical activity. Kids enjoy being with their friends chilling and splashing water at each other. Some prefer to swim, as they want to win over their skills on one another. Some kids love to race, whether it be cutting a ribbon or cut to the next level, which brings in a lot of attention.

Children love to hang around on their swimming pool slides, which makes them feel excited and thrilled to get each of their turns done. Jumping into the swimming pool for kids with all that water fun toys that float near is something which we should not miss. Who does not like to be a superhero diving underwater and rescuing their friends? They love to play a lot of swimming pool games under and over the water which keeps them cool during the summertime.


Can I put a Swimming pool in the front yard?

Depending, on the size of the swimming pool, pools can be placed either in the front yard or backyard. The availability of space is also another criteria that, one would look at while keeping the inflated swimming pool.

A smaller diameter inflated fun design pool can be placed anywhere in your house. A flashy fun playstyle inflatable pool designed for those little ones with all swimming pool accessories also is an ideal choice for the front yard.

The inflatable swimming pool that is formulated as a swimming pool outdoors also comes in varying depth. Inflated swimming pools of 4 ft and swimming pools of 2 ft can easily go in your front yard. The larger version with swimming pools that are 10 ft high is best to be placed in the backyard as it occupies larger space and area.

As a normal scenario, it’s not advisable to have a swimming pool in your front yard. Almost all swimming pools are built for backyard purposes as it requires a privacy, be it a swimming pool for kids or a swimming pool for fun. A swimming pool kept in your front yard makes your space looks messy and flooded with water, which shall not be a good sign to your neighbours.

How to make water fun?

When it comes to swimming for kids, it's all about splashing and juggling in the water, which makes it a fun activity for them. Playing games with the little ones helps them to have fun while developing their water confidence.

Outdoor water fun brings in a lot of joy and fun to the kids, as they love staying in water for long hours. There are many water fun game ideas that one can look at to make swimming more exciting and adventurous. Some of the most pool games are simple and many involve supplies that you can get around the house. Beach Ball Race is one of the most fun-filled games wherein kids need to race from one side to another by just pushing the ball. Marco Polo, a popular game among the kids is another fun activity that you can have in the swimming pool. Noodle joust, Coin Drive, Race for the Ping Pongs, etc are a few to name.

There are also other ways to make your swimming pool a fun place by making pools extra colourful with balloons, popping colours, and by adding some fun shapes of inflatable toys to make it more attractive. You can also think about having water fun birthday ideas and also water fun houses to make it a real party area for the kiddies.

What is the best age for kids’ outdoor playground?


Built-in pools are quite expensive and while most of us would have wished to have one at least to keep the kids preoccupied. Kiddie pools are quite cost-effective, portable, and easy to assemble when compared to the real ones.

There is a wide range of options that one could choose from while looking at the kid's pool. For a simple cost-effective option, you have the Bestway Undersea Play Pool, Dinosaur Pool Play Centre, and more that is the ideal Swimming pool for baby and kids of age 2 years. For, those who have toddlers, baby pools that can hold up to 20–22-gallon water with a colourful striped design is a good option. If you are looking for the best swimming pool for 10 years old then, one can look at options like M Power Steel Rectangular Pool by Bestway. They come in different shapes and sizes. They include filters, ladder and even comes with a cover and can hold 3046 gallons of water.

Where to buy a Swimming pool?

Bait Al Tarfeeh offers convenient shopping experience through the online store, Mobile App Android, and iOS.  It has coverage all around UAE, with a delivery time of a maximum of 3 days. Bait Al Tarfeeh offers many categories of swimming pool and water fun accessories. We are one of the leading distributors of both Intex and Bestway Swimming Pools, that strongly built for kids to offer extra safety.

There is an extensive range of water fun products and swimming pools to suit each age category. Being the major swimming pool supplier in UAE, our catalogue offers the best class swimming pool accessories for kids to choose from. Our unique and creative collections ha

So if you are looking out for a unique and creative collection of swimming pools for kids nearby, then Bait Al Tarfeeh would be a perfect choice that should not be missed.



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