Mercedes Benz G63 Electric Ride On 12V

Mercedes Benz G63 Electric Ride On 12V

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1,260 د.إ

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  • Remote Control - Parental remote control included assisting with the younger driver
  • Battery - Easy access to the battery and electrics behind the seat
  • Steering Wheel - Steering wheel buttons for the horn sound effect and pre-set music
  • Speed Control - It has 2 Speeds adjustment
  • Foot Pedal - The accelerator is controlled by the foot pedal
  • Break - The car stops when the accelerator is released
  • Sound - Start-up sound effects for when you turn the car on
  • Light - Front working lights that can stay on or flash by the in-car controls
  • Suspension - It has six wheels suspension
  • Safety - Seat bely is available for both passengers
  • Suitable for children from 3 to 6 years

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Silver, Pink