Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can have it sent to your registered email address by clicking here and filling in your email address. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes you can send an email to Support@baitaltarfeeh.com with the subject “Bait Al Tarfeeh Password Recovery” and we will manually reset your password and send it back to you.

What if I want to change my billing address?

In the event you need to change your billing address you will need to login to our website or mobile app. Once logged in you will need to click on “My Account”. Once your account information page displayed, you can change the information except your name. If you have problem changing your billing address, please call our customer service department at (97165725099) Sunday - Thursday 9 AM to 7 PM (UAE time) or email Support@baitaltarfeeh.com with the subject “Bait Al Tarfeeh Billing Address Change” and we will update your information. 

Where do I enter the coupon/promotion code?

Coupon /Promotion codes can be entered in the cart at checkout.

How can I get more information on an item?

If you have a question about a specific item(s), please email us at Support@baitaltarfeeh.com with the subject line “Request Additional Item Information” and we will send you more information as soon as possible.

Shopping Cart/ Checkout Issues

If you are unable to add items to your shopping cart or if you get an error message when you try to checkout there may be an issue with your cookies. If you are experiencing these errors, please clear your cookies and cache. If problems continue, please email us at  Support@baitaltarfeeh.com with the subject “Checkout Error” and a description of the error you are experiencing. We will get back with you as soon as possible. 

How do I track my order?

After you place your order, you would have received your Shipping email. This email contains a link to track your order with our courier company. Click this link, and you’ll be able to see at what stage your products are at. We also quote your number within the email to make it nice and clear for you.

If you did not receive this email or you’re unable to use the link to track, we’ll be happy to assist you, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team and we’ll be happy to help.

When will I receive my order?

Your order will be shipped within 1-3 working days. You will get the email for delivery date after order confirmation email, or you Bait Al Tarfeeh Customer care will assist you help for that.

If my order is missing items?

If you ordered more than one item it’s likely the products you ordered will be delivered separately as they are sent from different warehouses. If the delivery time has exceeded 4 working days, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team for advice.