Wonderwomen Deluxe

Wonderwomen Deluxe

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Some girls just destined for greatness. It's not something that they can avoid, since being awesome isn't a choice for those girls. They're tough, smart and they're ready to kick some bad guy butt. Your girl may even be the stuff of comic book legend! Of course, the only way you're going to find out if your child has what it takes to be the next Wonder Woman, is to get her suited up in this licensed DC comics costume for kids, which should have her feeling ready to stop any criminal in their tracks.This Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume is an outfit for girls will help give your girl the attitude it takes to battle it out with the bad guys! Since it has plenty of features that mimic the real DC superhero's outfit, it should make any girl feel like tangling with any evil that threatens the Earth. The red top has the ,W, symbols that the hero is know for, while the bottoms have a row of white stars adorning the legs, giving it a signature style that Diana Prince could be proud of. Of course, if she's not of Amazonian descent, you may want to teach your child a few super moves before you send her off to join up with the Justice League! - Top - Pants - Belt - Tiara - Pair of Guantlets

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