SMOBY - Dogs seesaw green

SMOBY - Dogs seesaw green

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Swing - rocker Green Dog with Coating UV 830201.

A cute dog invites children to play together.

The streamlined shape of the rocker guarantees safety during rocking.

Consisting of 2 comfortable and ergonomic seats and 1 central armchair, the rocking dog gives children the opportunity to play with friends.

When rocking, children's feet can comfortably rest on the skid.

The swing design has additional protection against falling.

Great and comfortable fun awaits the little ones.

Thanks to the stable construction and the action of the anti-UV coating, which guarantees durability and better color durability, a swing - a rocking dog can stay in your garden for a long time!

Product features:

A cute little rocker dog

Green color

Comfortable seats

Stable construction preventing falling over

For 3 children

Two handles

Anti-UV coating to prevent fading in the sun"