Bestway Pool Elliptic 229X1.52X51

Bestway Pool Elliptic 229X1.52X51

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Children will love spending a relaxing time in the fun elliptical pool. Ideal for relaxing and having fun in summer, This pool made of durable material has extra large side walls and a robust honeycomb construction. With a capacity of 542 liters (143 gallons) of water, the pool is large enough to hold small pool toys or for your child to have fun with some friends. When you no longer want to use it, drain the pool water with the easy-to-use drain valve. The swimming pool is also delivered with a resistant patch in case of accidental punctures.

2.29m x 1.52m x 51 cm/76 x 60 x 20 perfect for kids to splash around in

One interlocking quick release valve

Features a sturdy i-beam construction and extra wide side walls