Little People 12 Piece Rainbow Wooden Peg Doll Set


·   Encourages the child to create their own stories and pretend these little wooden pegs as people. Role playing is an essential part of every child’s developmental stage because through it children use their imagination, creativity and communication. Imagination makes them think and through creativity they discover new things and come up with good solutions.  Foundational skills like shape and color recognition, numeracy and understanding cause-effect are some of the important skill set your child can learn.  Bright color finish can be used to teach children their first basic colors make them how to count and sort by color. Peg dolls are small, and your child’s tiny hands can easily grasp them. Child can manipulate them and move them around. When they use their hands to play, they develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill. Can be easily put in your purse or bag for when you need something to keep your child entertained during travel.  Our peg dolls are made from maple wood and uses toxic-free and water-based paint. Safety of your little ones is taken care. Conforms to International Standards and certified with ASTM, EN71 and CE. The peg dolls toy is a dream gift for all children! Kids will just love these Little People peg dolls