Mytoys RC Car For Desert Hobby Truck High Speed Racing Car MT960

Mytoys RC Car For Desert Hobby Truck High Speed Racing Car MT960

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Super strong climbing force, double powerful motors enable it to do stunner stunt, give you real experience. Solid frame chassis, high strength composite plastic is impact resistant to help protect the crawler, Rubber bighorn tire, aggressive tread design, impressive ground clearance, and Better Grip in OFF-Rock Road.R & lt 1:18 Full-Scale / Truck C.the Remote Radio Control 2.4G the SUV, A Rear Wheel Drive Off-Road Race.Trunk Toy for Kids above Old. 6 years.Actions: Forward, Backward, Turn Left, Turn Right,Climb.-Four suspension links and springs, shockproof system and better protect the electronic components in the toy.Wireless remote radio control, With powerful motor, speed up to 25 KM / H .2.4 GHz frequency, low power consumption, two way transmission, strong anti-interference.High quality ABS material, super anti-throw ability.A fine tuning in the crawler bottom, can adjust the direction when it is not walking in straight line.A stunning off-road vehicle for indoor and outdoor use, such as in sand, small rocks, and other rugged land.Charging time: 20-30 minutes.The high speed is up to 25KM / h.

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