Cluedo Harry Potter Board Game Wave 2

Cluedo Harry Potter Board Game Wave 2

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In this special harry potter edition of cluedo' the classic mystery board game, you become a real detective to find clues and solve the mystery that awaits you. Playing as one of your favourite characters including harry, ron, hermione, ginny, luna and neville, enter special locations such as hogwarts castle, the forbidden forest or malfoy manor, and use the floo network to magically travel around the gameboard. Cluedo is fun for the whole family as you decide: Who did it? where did it occur? and what weapon did the culprit use? Was it fenrir greyback in the hog?s head with a jinxed broomstick? or lucius malfoy in the ministry of magic with a cursed necklace?the classic mystery board game is fun for the whole family

  • Use the floo network to travel faster through the wizarding world, But watch out for unlit fireplaces.

  • When you're sure of your facts, go to the burrow to make your final accusation and win the game!

  • Contents:game board,6 identity cards,6 movers,29 help cards,32 dark deck cards21 mystery cards1 notepad40 floo powder tokens6 suspect tokens6 item tokens1 envelope1 green die1 black die1 label sheet instructions