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"Make FIIDO D11 e-bike not only a means of transport but also have fun with it. This e-bike can be a part of your lifestyle. The specialty of this electric folding bike is that it comes with a concealed battery and motor.

This electric bike is the reconstruction of the traditional e-bike with the use of aerospace lightweight aluminum alloy material. That is why the weight of the body is 12.9kg. Using moped mode, you can ride up to 100 km and it can offer you the best riding experience with an incredible body framework. The removable battery capacity of this D11 electric bike is 36V lithium battery 11.3Ah which lets you travel huge distances."

The built-in 36V 11.6Ah hidden battery has great performance. Powerful endurance, large-capacity lithium battery module, electric endurance up to 50km, and can up to 100km endurance in electric assist mode.

FiidoD11 has 3 riding modes options.7-speed transmission can adapt to road riding and can also be lightly off-road. All-aluminum frame makes the bike more lightweight and longer service life.

It uses 20-inch non-slip textured rubber tires, w/ excellent shock resistance, strong grip, and mobility. Double disc brakes provide you with braking power when needed, ensuring a shorter braking distance and increasing safety for the rider.

The simple and modern design style rebuilds the aesthetics of electric bicycles. The ergonomic design retains the characteristics of the bicycle in appearance, perfecting the riding experience.

Fiido is one of the biggest brands in E-bike in the world, especially in folding E-bike. The first FIIDO e-bike was born in 2017 and received widespread attention.