Fast & Furious Dodge Charger (Street, 1:24

Fast & Furious Dodge Charger (Street, 1:24

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· Company Jada is licensed car Dodge Charger Street, which repeats the design of the retro sports car from the movie Fast and the Furious: 1. This is a real beast for street races belonged to one of the main characters - Dominic Toretto. The body of the machine is made using Die-Cast technology (injection molding). It has a detailed body: transparent headlights and glass, rear-view mirrors and more. Dodge is always ready for unpredictable races, because it has an external air turbine. Hinged doors allow you to look inside the car. The machine moves thanks to the wheel freewheel mechanism. Dodge Charger Street will be a great addition to the collection of car enthusiasts and film fans.

· license car Dodge Charger Street

· legendary retro sports car Dominic Toretto from the movie Fast and Furious 1

· body made by Die-Cast technology (injection molding)

· black body color

· parts that open: trunk, doors

· detailed body: external air turbine, clear glass, rear view mirrors

· detailed interior: dashboard, steering wheel, pedals, seats, rear-view mirror

· rubber wheels on silver rims

· freewheel mechanism

· scale 1:24