Mini Electrical Airplane Ride On Plane

Mini Electrical Airplane Ride On Plane

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Finally, your child can enjoy flying the plane, this plane is available with unique features that make it the best gift for your child, it features a comfortable leather seat for your child, a seat belt and manual control or via the remote control, the plane operates with a start button and the plane's engine sound appears and additional buttons are available to operate the sound of fans and plane or missile, you can play music with USB port and AUX for playing audio files in MP3 format.

front lighting is available and on the wings of the plane too, the wings can be raised up as desired.

This airplane is suitable for the age of two to six years. Available in red and blue

Size: length 100 cm, width 124 cm, height 62 cm

Battery power 12 volts

Two 6-volt machines

Speed ​​2 to 5 km