Courtiyard Cottage

Courtiyard Cottage

1,187 AED
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• Let’s host a garden party! Open design lets mom see all the fun taking place inside

• Open the shutters to let in a cool breeze. The open & close play even helps kids build fine motor skills

• “Ding dong!” Working doorbell lets you know once your guests have arrived!

• Party-goers can use the working Dutch door to enter this humble abode

• But, be sure to ask if you can keep your shoes on; you don’t want to get dirt on the molded-in floor!

• Use the terracotta pots and shovels to plant some real or fake flowers together in the molded-in flower box

• “Shaker-style” house with stacked stone-styling and neutral color palette add to the realistic role play while blending perfectly into any backyard setting

• Interior height is 46 in (116.8 cm) high, drain holes in floor help keep floor dry

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