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Classic Chinese Checkers with a Modern Twist

The ideal way to stimulate kids' brain cells is to indulge them in smart games. Chinese Checkers has been one of the most popular and brain-racking games in the history of board games. You have to count on your skill, prediction, strategy and mathematics when it comes to this traditional game of Chinese Checkers. Now Funskool revamps your favorite board game to give it a convenient and fun feel with the Funskool Chinese Checkers. This conveniently sized board game is a great on-the-go companion to keep your kid busy.

Combination of Fun and Strategy

Have all the fun you want while you're travelling with this Chinese Checkers game. This board game is cleverly designed so that it fits nicely in to your travel bag. Featuring self-contained storage trays and quick setup facilities, this thoughtfully designed board game is ideal for both boys and girls 6 years and up. Apart from the attractively designed board, it also comes with ten marbles that helps you play the game. This board game for kids is a mind stimulant and a fun way to pass your time.