Bestway H2Ogo Splashy Speedway Slide 488Cm

Bestway H2Ogo Splashy Speedway Slide 488Cm

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The h2ogo! splashy speedway slide is the perfect way to get your kids off the couch and out into the sun! This slide measures 4.88 m long, giving kids lots of room to splash and slide. Plus, with multiple lanes, it was built for racing and playing together. Two kids can slide at a time, making this a fun competition that will keep them active and entertain them for hours. Plus, the attached ring toss game gives kids more opportunity for fun and imaginative play. The first one to hook their tire rings wins the race! With lots of ways to play, they’ll have a blast tossing the rings and sliding down the tracks. The h2ogo! splashy speedway slides set up is as easy as it gets - all you have to do is hook up a garden hose, fill the water base for stability, and it’s ready to go!

Size: 4.88 m (16 ft.) long

Perfect for kids, ages 3+

Double lane speedway slide is perfect for racing