Bb Junior Volkswagen Easy Play RC - Vari

Bb Junior Volkswagen Easy Play RC - Vari

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Remote controlled vehicle with remote control his adorable RC Volkswagen Beetle has bump proof technology, allowing young drivers to easily control the vehicle.

Key Features:

R/C driving fun for little ones: with the pink VW Beetle, even small children can make first experiences with a remote controlled car.

With light and sound function: the headlights light up at the touch of a button on the remote control just like the real New Beetle and the engine buzzes when driving. Recommended 18 months +

Child-friendly control: with the large buttons on the remote control, the VW Beetle can be moved forward and backwards.

With evasion automatic: the remote controlled car automatically detects and evades obstacles

Educational value: The RC car promotes hand-eye coordination and logical thinking. There is driving fun rt