Small But Important Things to Observe in Infant Baby Toys

Small But Important Things to Observe in Infant Baby Toys

Small But Important Things to Observe in Infant Baby Toys

Your newborn’s first few months of life seem to be all about diapers, buying new clothes, feeding and sleep.

But did you know that playtime holds special importance in the process of your little one’s development? From cognitive and physical development to emotional and social growth, the role of play cannot be denied.

You understand the importance of toys in your cutie pie’s life, but choosing the one that is best for the development of your little champ is the most confusing part when you are surrounded by multiple toy options out there. Before you choose the infant baby toys, you should be aware of the fact that children of every age learn a lot through play.

Going to purchase newborn baby musical toys for your little one? Wait, wait! First, check how a toy that sounds good can boost your kid’s mental and physical health.

Interested to know, how? I will explain to you a few important points that will help you distinguish which toys are the best fit for your kid’s health & development and which ones are just a waste.

Age-appropriate: You often hear a question as you enter a toy shop; How old is your kid? This is the question that we hear every time we enter a toy store. This is how we can find the right toy for our toddler as per his age. Most of the infant baby toys have marked labels with clear instructions that advise which toy is right for which age and whether it can pose a danger to your little honey.

Aligned with the child's interest: Is your child very active, loves music, finds interest in animals or does he show inclined behavior towards bright colors. Choosing toys that relate to the child’s current interests is always a safe bet since it helps to fuel an existing interest in the child.

Encourage creativity: Who wants his/her kid to be creative? Almost everyone! So, the best thing is to buy a newborn baby toy for an activity that specifically targets the creative side giving them a chance to explore.

Open ended: Does this term confuse you? Fine, worry not! Let me explain to you in a simple way. Open-ended toys are ones that can be used in many ways. Infant newborn toys foster imagination, play and creativity based on kids' specific desires.

It would be wise to buy some infant toys for brain development that will help your kid to use his/her mind actively making him mentally, emotionally and psychologically strong.



The more ways a child can play with a toy, the more he/ she will learn.


Educational value: Make sure the newborn baby toys you choose, must be able to inspire some learning in your kid. There should always be some learning in a play that keeps your little buddy exciting, happy and also educates him/her at the same time. Make sure to buy some infant toys for educational purposes to induce some learning even when your kid is having fun.


When should you give babies toys?

During your baby's first two months, he doesn't need or want any toys. He doesn't even recognize his body parts until he's about two months old. Want to explore it? Good! Clutch him any small toy and he won’t be able to play with it. He may just enjoy looking at it or listening to it, but he would love more when you will make sounds with expression to engage him with you. He would love to listen to your voice more.



Your baby is three months old now! Wow! You will see him opening his cute little hands, discovering the things around. Introduce him to toys that can be the best learning tool. Toys that produce musical sounds are great at this stage, but make sure infant toys for 3 month old are soft and cannot cause harm by any means.

Soft rubber squeak toys, Bright light ball, rattling bracelets, lightweight rattles, spin and rattle teether, newborn baby crib toys and easy-to-hold plastic keys do more than just entertain your baby. They focus your little angel’s attention on what his hands are doing.

From about 10 to 14 weeks, your baby will enjoy some cute animal shapes as toys. Hang different textures, shapes and colors of toys; you can put a rattle, a fuzzy ball, a plastic or rubber ring, a small or stuffed animal above your baby's crib. He will start exploring different shapes, colors and patterns in these toys and will learn different sounds it makes.

When you pick out toys for an infant, keep in mind what he will be doing with them. From the third month on, your baby will take any toy-or anything he can reach and explore it. How does your baby explore an object? He grasps it, feels it, looks at it, perhaps bangs it against the floor (or himself), and invariably brings it to his mouth and sucks on it. Yum!!


Until he can move on his own, you are the filter through which your baby explores the world. He cannot explore anything unless you bring it to him. To encourage your baby's exploration, give him recommended infant toys that have varying textures, shapes, weights, colors, sounds, and even smells. Walk and ride elephant, numbering letter bead, digital blocks, numbering blocks, plastic ride-on cars, baby walkers, and bright light ball are all infant toys for 3 to 6 months old kids to explore, learn and have fun.


Remain flexible; let your baby make up the rules of play. If he seems bored with a particular toy or game, try something else. Let your child know from his first months on that his interests are important to you and that he can play, or not play, with whatever he chooses as long as it's safe, of course.


Where to buy Infant baby toys?

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